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Lung Cases
Noise reduction for low dose CT scans.

Get improved image quality without reducing pixel density for first-time-right diagnoses.

Brain Cases
PixelShine improves scans with deep learning technology.

Powered by deep-learning AI, PixelShine can transform images from any scanner regardless of age or brand.

PixelShine helps you reduce patient radiation exposure.

You can get better quality images without exposing patients to high doses of radiation by processing images with PixelShine. Improve a typical study in less than a minute.

Obese Patient Cases
See better quality from standard dose scans.

For noisy scans from obese patients, PixelShine improves image quality for better diagnoses and improved patient care.

Pediatric Cases
Get the quality images you need from your scanner.

For pediatric patients, low-dose safe scans and high-quality images are essential for confident first-time-right diagnoses. PixelShine allows you to provide better patient care while getting the images you need.

Cardiac Cases
Get better quality from low-dose CT scans

Reduce radiation exposure for your patients while getting better quality diagnostic imaging by processing with PixelShine.

If you
- have older scanners
- screen asymptomatic persons for lung cancer
- scan obese patients
- conduct pediatric scans
- want to offer patient-safe, diagnostic-quality scans

We can help.