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Challenging the status quo in the practice of medical imaging
  • Patient safety
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Radiologist job satisfaction

See the AlgoMedica difference.

Image of someone having a low dose radiation CT scan done in a hospital.

High Quality, Low Dose CT Scans
Your challenge

FDA guidelines recommend acquisition of CT scans using As Low A radiation As Achievable (ALARA).

Noisy, blurry CT scans stand between you and giving the best patient care possible. Balancing safe radiation levels with high-quality imaging has impacted your patient care for long enough.

Obtaining diagnostic-quality CT scans using ALARA has been an elusive goal until now.

Image of someone looking at imaging from a low radiation CT scan.

our Solution

AlgoMedica is the category leader in empowering you to capture highly diagnosable, quality CT scans at patient-safe doses.

We empower radiology centers to obtain diagnostic-quality CT scans at a low dose to improve workflow efficiency, radiology job satisfaction, and patient safety.

Our AI-based software, Pixelshine, is vendor agnostic and can improve the quality of scans obtained from any CT equipment, old or new.

Pixelshine allows radiologists to reduce radiation to much lower levels than ever before while providing a clear image for diagnosis and interpretation.

Image of two computers showing the comparison of traditional imaging and AlgoMedica deep learning reconstruction technology.
You are committed to practicing patient-safe CT scans
by reducing radiation doses.
We will ensure high diagnostic quality for your CT scans.

AlgoMedica's deep learning reconstruction technology powers PixelShine, letting your diagnostic department get high-quality, low-radiation CT scans.

Our noise-reduction software empowers diagnostic technicians to provide superior client care.

Breakthrough Solution, Big Impact

Dive into how PixelShine can improve your team’s workflow and enhance CT scan quality

  • Image of an icon representing a radiologist using AlgoMedica deep learning reconstruction technology.

    PixelShine provides a natural-looking image for noisy CT scans. The images are enhanced for clarity, and the resolution is blur-free. Unlike waxy images created by Iterative Reconstruction software, PixelShine does not compromise in delivering high-quality CT scans while processing noisy CT scans acquired using low dose protocols.

  • Image of an icon representing a doctor prescribing low dose radiation CT scans.
    Referring Provider

    Now you can refer your patients for lung cancer screening without worrying about high radiation doses as PixelShine can process noisy lung cancer screening scans acquired at sub mSV level. By referring to a radiology center that has PixelShine, you are ensuring that patients are getting high quality scans acquired with protocols using low radiation.

  • Image of a businessman who wants to invest in low radiation CT scan technology.
    CFO / CEO

    Save money by offering low dose CT scans to your patients using PixelShine to process noisy scans acquired by legacy scanners. Avoid capital expenditures for buying new scanners equipped with iterative Reconstruction (IR) for Low dose CT scans. PixelShine provides better quality images compared to the images produced by IR. Pixelshine can save you money in tube life extension, reduction of down time, and increase patient inflow due to high quality scans at low dose.

  • Image of an icon representing a medical patient receiving low dose radiation CT scans.

    With PixelShine, you can receive a lung cancer screening every year subject to the eligibility as per CMS guidelines at a very low radiation dose from an imaging facility using PixelShine.

  • Image of an icon representing a medical technician who administers low dose radiation CT scans to patients.
    CT Technologist

    PixelShine handles low-dose CT scans in DICOM format, processes quickly and sends the processed DICOM study to PACS. No change to workflow.

  • Image of an icon representing an IT worker who keeps low radiation CT scan running smoothly.

    PixelShine adheres to all the necessary and sufficient requirements for PHI privacy. Installation is very simple provided network and PACS related parameters are available.

If you
- have older scanners
- screen asymptomatic persons for lung cancer
- scan obese patients
- conduct pediatric scans
- want to offer patient-safe, diagnostic-quality scans

We can help.