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Patient-First Imaging Solutions

When it comes to patient safety, good enough is not good enough.

Think differently to elevate your CT scan modality to a whole new level.
Meet the AlgoMedica team
Safer imaging for patients and better diagnostics for radiologists.

Our team developed the PixelShine software to revolutionize CT scan processing by enhancing the quality of low-dose scans.

Working alongside our founders are a group of practicing radiologists, engineers with many years of experience in developing medical imaging software, and an experienced sales team with excellent knowledge of the medical imaging software sales/purchase dynamics.

We're among the foremost medical imaging companies in the US, driving innovation with breakthrough technology.

Deep Learning Medical Imaging Careers
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  • At AlgoMedica, we are happy to announce that we are looking for two additional Sales Managers. If you are interested in joining an interesting start-up and would like to take part in this growth journey with us, then continue reading!

    About us

    AlgoMedica is a medical imaging AI software company. We are developing and marketing our AI products for radiology departments and imaging centers. Our first product – PixelShine – addresses the computed tomography (CT) market and is now available for purchase after years of development.

    PixelShine is a vendor-neutral software application that drastically enhances CT scan image quality at all x-ray doses. This enables using a lower dosage while maintaining excellent diagnostic image quality.

    The position

    We are hiring two additional Sales Managers for the US market. The focus is on the Southwest region: Arizona and California. The second open position is dependent on the candidate's location. The job is mostly home-office based, with occasional travel to customers and events.

    The company plans to use external support for initial lead generation. Therefore, it will be your responsibility to manage and nurture such leads and turn them into paying customers and long-term collaborators. You will be responsible for all sales activities in your geographical region, which means increasing revenue, making connections, and developing relationships with key stakeholders.

    Bringing existing relationships in radiology, hospital IT, and hospital leadership to AlgoMedica would provide an advantage in succeeding in this position.

    Who are you?

    We believe that you are driven, goal-oriented, ambitious, and eager to pitch PixelShine to different stakeholders and decision-makers at hospitals and imaging center chains. We want you to be creative, quick on your feet, and exercise good judgment regarding how to best spend your time. The ability to identify high potential clients is essential.

    You likely have:

    • Experience selling into the hospital and imaging center environments
    • Experience selling medical imaging software
    • Knowledge and extended understanding of the hospital IT structure and procurement process
    • Experience with solution sales of a software product to a cross-functional buying team

    For the right candidate with a “get things done” attitude, there is significant growth potential with the company and increased responsibilities.

    Why should you join AlgoMedica?
    We offer an exciting work environment doing meaningful work and an opportunity to take the next step in your career. As a start-up, we can move and act quickly, and since you would be reporting directly to the CEO, the line of decision-making is very short. If you are looking to join a fast-paced company with stable finances and an AI software product that will facilitate the diagnosis process, send us your application today!

    How To Apply

    Interviews are held continuously. 

Frequently asked questions
What would you like to know about our imaging company?

Still have questions? We've got answers. Email us or give us a call for a PixelShine demonstration.

  • AlgoMedica is committed to challenging the status quo by being a leader in providing solutions to getting diagnosable quality CT scans at substantially low radiation doses.

    Adverse impacts of radiation on patients have been around for at least 10 -15 years. Major vendors of CT scanners have made a sincere effort to provide diagnosable quality CT scans at a reduced radiation dose.

    During discussions with various practicing radiologists, we found that quality generated by the Iterative Reconstruction (IR) software offered by CT scanner vendors generates waxy, blurry scans. Radiologists feel that the quality is “good enough.” We believe that good enough isn't acceptable when it comes to patient care.

    AlgoMedica thinks differently, and we are interested in challenging the status quo prevalent in the practice of CT scan modality. Our goal is to be the leading solution provider for providing the best quality diagnostic imaging at the lowest possible dose.

  • Any successful radiology practice has many stakeholders.

    First: Patients are increasingly aware of the adverse impact of radiation dose and ask about the low dose CT scans.

    Second: Radiologists want to read diagnosable-quality CT scans which are sharp and conspicuous for accurate reading without ambiguity.

    Third: The diagnostic center C-suite wants to see a positive impact on the bottom line.

    Fourth: The radiation safety officer (RSO) is committed to maintaining a safe medical imaging environment to provide the best patient care by using safe radiation doses and adhering to the ALARA guidelines.

    PixelShine satisfies the key requirements of every stakeholder.

    First: It challenges the status quo of being satisfied with the current efforts for acquiring CT scans at a low dose. We push the envelope to use the lowest radiation possible without compromising diagnosable quality.

    Second: Sharp, conspicuous images enhance the first-time-right diagnosis, reduces the reading time, and increasing workflow efficiency, which improves job satisfaction.

    Third: The C-suite can capitalize on increased market share as a facility practicing patient-safe medical imaging. This additional market share enhances the bottom line and improves the reputation of the establishment.

    Fourth: The RSO justifies his position by supporting any technology which can provide high-quality scans at a low dose.

  • The successful induction of PixelShine in any radiology practice is straightforward, provided management is committed to shaking up the status quo to provide patient-safe medical imaging. Management dedicated to PixelShine's success must organize a group consisting of

    1. Radiologist
    2. CT Technologists
    3. Medical Physicist
    4. Radiation Safety Officer

    Management must allocate appropriate funds and assign this group the responsibility of introducing the technology for patient-safe medical imaging in a focused and timely manner.

    The practice C-suite must mandate this organization to make this happen with a company-wide resolve to minimize delays and opportunities to scuttle the project. Algomedica customer success manager can ensure the successful implementation within 2 to 4 weeks.

  • PixelShine can help any medical imaging center with newer scanners in two ways:

    • Diagnosable quality images to empower first-time-right diagnoses
    • Substantial dose reduction beyond what is possible with IR software on newer scanners.

    We promise to equip your facility with the ability to acquire the best quality CT scans at a substantially lower radiation dose so you can provide superior patient care.

  • Acquiring new scanners may cost $250K to $1M. Lease cost for such scanners per year may cost $40K to $100K. Again, the CT scans may be waxy, blurry, and dose reduction may be modest.

    Purchasing or leasing new scanners isn't economically sound, patient-safe medical imaging.

    PixelShine eliminates the need to buy or lease newer scanners. It works with any system – regardless of age – and provides better quality CT scans at the lowest radiation dose.

  • PixelShine can have a major positive impact on those radiology practices:

    • Lung cancer screening
    • Pediatric CT scans
    • CT perfusion of the brain
    • CT angiograms
    • CT Colonoscopy
    • CT scans for obese patients
    • CT scans for prostates

    Besides improving patient care by offering the lowest radiation dose for diagnostic-quality CT scans, PixelShine will also improve the quality of scans at the standard dose. Get better images for obese patients to assure first-time right diagnoses for every patient.

  • First: AlgoMedica has many noisy CT scans, for every body organ, acquired at low dose, and processed by PixelShine. Both these pairs - “Noisy scans” and “Diagnosable quality scans after processing by PixelShine can be shared with you via a zoom call. Reach out to schedule a demo.

    Second: If you share with our sales team the most noisy scans (anonymized) and our sales team can process these scans in real time during a zoom call and you can see both CT scans “before” and “after” processing by Pixelshine.

    Third: You can upload a few challenging, noisy, anonymised scans acquired at low dose to our Box account and we can process these within 24 hours and send it back to you for your evaluation.

    Fourth: We can install our Pixelshine software on a virtual machine remotely for 30 days of well defined, focused evaluation. If you are serious about practicing patient safe medical imaging - we can help.

  • PixelShine is designed to improve the diagnosable quality of CT scans. Its capabilities can be appreciated by:

    • Processing noisy, FBP CT scans acquired at a low dose and comparing the “before” and “after” scans.
    • If a radiology practice has scanners equipped with IR - acquire CT scans at a low dose, with a mild application of IR, and process these with PixelShine.

    Reach out for a demonstration of PixelShine at work with your current imaging capabilities and see the difference for your scanners.

  • PixelShine has FDA 510 K clearance and CE mark approval.

  • Yes. PixelShine is AI-powered, vendor agnostic, best in class, de-noising software for improving the quality of noisy CT scans acquired at low doses for any scanner––regardless of brand or age.

If you
- have older scanners
- screen asymptomatic persons for lung cancer
- scan obese patients
- conduct pediatric scans
- want to offer patient-safe, diagnostic-quality scans

We can help.